Get inspired by these bathrooms

How we start our mornings often dictates our mood for the rest of the day. Of course there are the usual things that help us start our mornings right – a good night’s sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, allotted time to de-stress – but have you ever thought about the role your bathroom can play in this?

For most of us, after waking up, the rest of our day begins in the bathroom. Our days often end there too, before going to bed. Your bathroom can serve as just a functional room you rush in and out of, OR, it can become your sanctuary.

Think about the tap you turn on to splash cold water on your face in the morning. What about the frame around the mirror you see your reflection in while brushing your teeth? How do your shower walls make you feel? Do you like your bathroom floors? What kind of vibe does this room give off?

Changing up your bathroom can turn it into a more important space, a place that both gets you recharged and ready to take on the day and helps you power down to relax into the night.

A room that is so vital to everyday living should be one you enjoy being in. Think about the kind of bathroom you would consider a sanctuary, the kind of shower, tub, mirrors and sink you would enjoy using every day.

We at domilya GROUP believe each day can begin perfectly. From tiling and plumbing repairs to complete bathroom remodelling, domilya GROUP will take care of all your bathroom needs to ensure your day begins and ends on the right note. We draw from a pool of talented workers, with decades of bathroom remodelling experience, to transform your bathroom into your very own private oasis.

Here are some beautiful bathrooms by domilya GROUP to get you inspired! Envision your dream bathroom, then give us a call. We’ll help you turn that dream into a reality.