How New Flooring Can Improve Your Home

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, have been in your home for years or are thinking of selling your home, the conversation about what to do with your flooring is a common one. Flooring is one part of your home that endures a lot – especially in high traffic areas. But, did you know that upgrading or replacing your floors can potentially increase the value and marketability of your home or increase the level of enjoyment you get out of your home?

Like anything design related, everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to what type of flooring they prefer. But if you are looking to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal or make it more appealing to future buyers, there are some general considerations that can make your flooring upgrade successful.

Hardwood is Always a Win

Not only is hardwood flooring a durable option, it appeals to just about everyone. Which means that if you are selling your home in the near future, or even in a few years, this type of flooring will appeal to most buyers. And did you know that it is usually cheaper to refinish hardwood floors than to re-carpet? So even if you currently have hardwood floors but they are looking a bit worn, it is worth it to investigate refinishing them before you decide to rip them up.

Choose the Right Floor for the Space

Hardwood floors are most desired in living rooms, family rooms and dining rooms. High end flooring like porcelain tile are a great addition to bathrooms, kitchens and front entryways. Choosing the right floor based on the wear and tear it will receive as well as how it integrates with the rest of the house is important. Hardwood floor in a bathroom is never a good idea and tile in a bedroom is also an unusual choice.

Check the Age

If you have carpeting that is 8-10 years old, it’s usually in need of replacing. Stains, smells, loose fibers, wrinkling and fading are all signs that it is time for that carpet to go.

Get a Professional Opinion

Changing out your floors is a big decision. Especially if it is flooring that will flow through most of your home. Seeking the advice of a home renovator or an interior designer can help you determine the type of flooring and the colour choice that will best suit your needs.

You will see and use the flooring in your home a lot! That certainly makes it a worthwhile investment and a good reason to invest in home flooring that works well for you. Updating or upgrading your flooring will add a fresh look to your home and can really invigorate the overall appeal of your home.