Warm up your Home for the Holidays

With the beginning of the holiday months upon us, it’s a fun idea to change up your décor a bit. Earthy, warm tones and cozy materials will get your home ready for winter. Here are a few little tips you can use to change things up:

  • Swap out your throw cushions for new colours and maybe a thicker, softer material than your summer collection
  • Throw blankets are your friends – perfect for cozying up with hot chocolate when it’s icy outside
  • Think about getting a new lamp – maybe something with crystal, something that feels festive and simultaneously makes the room feel new
  • Dimmer switches – if you don’t have them already, look into getting dimmer switches installed in your dining room and living room – places you’ll likely be entertaining over the coming weeks
  • Rugs – care for your feet by placing a couple warm rugs in high-traffic areas and/or places your feet are likely to be bare – bathroom and bedroom floors