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Custom Home Builds

Specializing in creating bespoke homes, our approach to custom home builds is centered around bringing your dream home to life with precision and care. We combine our extensive expertise in design and construction to ensure your vision is realized with utmost quality. From the initial blueprint to handing over the keys, our process is characterized by efficiency, client involvement, and a commitment to sustainability.

From Blueprint to Keys in Record Time

Taking custom home builds to a new standard, we are setting the industry ablaze with our record timelines and results that are nothing short of stunning. Our expertise, discipline, and commitment to ensuring every client gets exactly what they envisioned in the blueprint is what sets us apart from other companies.

From start to finish, you can rely on us to craft unparalleled quality while keeping you updated at every step of the design and building process. Evidence that there’s no need to settle for anything less than the wow-factor when it comes to custom home builds. domilya GROUP will show you why we have earned multiple industry awards and are Baeumler Approved!

Why We're The Leaders In Custom Home Builds

domilya GROUP Construction has helped countless families throughout the years bring their dream custom home to life. With vast expertise in customer service, architecture and construction, we have created a solid basis for great success in new custom builds.

Our team is highly knowledgeable but not overbearing – we will present helpful ways to enhance your vision, pushing it further than you ever thought it could go!

We have established ourselves as a custom home building company dedicated to clients’ satisfaction with transparent communication and clear steps designed to make the entire process run smoothly. Most importantly, we are well-equipped to help you stay within budget while making sure the quality of your dream project does not get compromised.

So if you’re considering who to partner with for when it comes to bringing your vision for a custom home into reality, then consider the professional services and commitment that we provide.

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Rated 4.9/5 | Based on 290 happy customer reviews
Custom Home Builds

Custom Renovation vs. Custom Home Builds: What's The Best Choice For You?

When it comes to making upgrades or changes to your home, you have a few options. You can opt for custom renovation, which involves changing the existing features of your house or building a new home from scratch.

Custom renovations generally involve making changes to an existing structure without completely rebuilding it from scratch. This includes projects like remodelling bathrooms and kitchens, adding an extra room, or finishing a basement. Custom renovations are often less expensive than custom home builds since you don’t need to purchase all the necessary materials from scratch. They also tend to be faster since much of the existing structure can be utilized.

On the other hand, custom home builds involve completely rebuilding the house from scratch. This means that you will need to purchase all the necessary materials, hire a contractor or team of subcontractors to do the work, and manage the entire project. Custom home builds can be more expensive and time consuming than renovations, but they also give you complete control over every aspect of your project.

With careful planning and research, you can make sure that whichever choice you make will enhance the value of your home while giving you a unique and personal living space.

FAQs About Custom Builds

  • What type of customization will I get with a domilya Group Custom Home Build?

    With a domilya GROUP Construction custom build, you can expect the utmost in customization and quality craftsmanship. Our team of experts are at your disposal to help you create a truly unique home that is tailored to meet your specific needs and lifestyle. From start to finish, we focus on creating the perfect space for you by offering endless options for customizing everything from finishes and fixtures to floor plans and more.

  • Will my custom home build be energy-efficient?

    Yes! At domilya GROUP Construction, we understand that homes should not only look beautiful but also provide maximum comfort and efficiency. We use the latest in green building materials and energy efficient technologies to ensure that your custom home meets the highest standards of sustainability. 

  • How long will it take for my custom home build?

    Patience is key when it comes to building a home from the ground up. The timeline for building a domilya GROUP Construction luxury custom home can vary depending on the scope of the project and any special requests you might have. However, our team and custom home builders work diligently to provide an estimated completion date so that you can plan accordingly. We also offer detailed updates throughout the construction process so that you can track your dream home’s progress every step of the way! 

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Creating the Perfect Kitchen for Starter Homes

Are you searching for a stylish, modern way to fit all your kitchen needs into an affordable and efficient starter home? Look no further than domilya GROUP! We specialize in designing uniquely contemporary kitchens while utilizing the limited space available in starter homes. From custom cabinetry to smart storage solutions, our design team is skilled in creating the perfect kitchen at an outstanding value. 

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Rated 4.9/5 | Based on 290 happy customer reviews